Asset Categories

We only do real estate

Our team offers a considerable track record in all asset categories as well as in the commercial and residential segments.

We supervise clients that operate in the following categories:

  • Office
  • Retail
  • Logistic
  • Residential
  • Hotel Business
  • Healthcare
  • Student Housing

We supervise leading national and international investment-, fund-, portfolio-, asset-, property-, and facility management firms as well as renowned project development firms.

Our highly specialised team oversees residential investors that care for portfolios that include more than 500,000 units. We have successfully filled diverse managerial and specialist positions in the commercial and technical asset management fields which include large stocks at leading portfolio holders.

Not only are we a member of the German Council of Shopping Centers (GCSC), thanks to fascinating mandates in the retail sector we oversee a network of over 500 center managers in all regions.